الصف : العاشر- العام الدراسي :2015/2016

Happiness lies in deep within us, in the very core of our being. Happiness does not exist in any external object, but only in us, who are the consciousness that experiences happiness. Though we seem to derive happiness from external objects or experiences, the happiness that we thus enjoy in fact arises from within us.                                                                              

Whatever turmoil our mind may be in, in the center of our being there always exists a state of perfect peace and joy, like the calm in the eye of a storm. Desire and fear agitate our mind and obscure from its view the happiness that always exists within it. When a desire is satisfied, or the cause of a fear is removed, the surface agitation of our mind subsides, and in that temporary calm our mind enjoys a taste of its own innate happiness. Happiness is thus a state of being-a state in which  our mind's habitual agitation is calmed. The activity of our mind disturbs it from its calm state of just being, and causes it to lose sight of its own innermost happiness. To enjoy happiness, therefore, all our mind need do is to cease all activity, returning calmly to its natural state of inactive being, as it does daily in deep sleep.

Therefore to master the art of being happy, we must master the art and science of just being. We must discover what the innermost core of our being is, and we must learn to abide consciously  and constantly in that state of pure being, which underlies and supports (but nevertheless remains unaffected by) all the superficial activities of our mind: thinking, feeling and perceiving, remembering and forgetting, and so on.

Now, there are some of the questions that makes me do my seminar like WHAT IS HAPPINESS?! Really what's happiness? Does anybody know? Or Can we be happy? This question is actually talking about the ability of controlling our happiness like can we make our selves happy? Is there anything can we do to be happy? The happiness is our main problem in life now and that makes my questions and there answers very important because

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